A Sickness by Rob Gray and silly rob childish

The Dimsummer Yacht Club Book Club is chuffed to announce the release of A Sickness by Rob Gray and silly rob childish, out now on limited edition cassette tape and available to stream/download via all major music service thingys. Each cassette has its own unique cover art handmade by Robyn Bateman and Rob Gray using the choicest gems from Rob’s vast found photo collection. Please feel free to browse the collages here: A Sickness: The Gallery, and listen to the jams on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify etc or via our bandcamp page (also see below and click things, share things and so on and so forth), order the cassette if you are so inclined, send Rob an e-mail at sillyrobchildish@gmail.com and have a wonderful day 💖

Thank you <3